Improving Collaboration, Engagement and Influence for Allied Health Practitioners in Complex Multi-Disciplinary Settings

Mr Benjamin Freedman1

1AboutResolution, Cranbrook, Australia

Our ability to contribute to safe and high-quality care is coupled with our ability as practitioners to negotiate and problem-solve with other disciplines in complex and often contested clinical environments. Indeed, no other industry or sector is quite as complex as healthcare, with combinations of clinical intricacies, interventions, interactions and outcomes both infinite and unpredictable. This presentation begins by exploring the concept of health workplaces as Complex Adaptive Systems. This has important implications for how we approach multi-disciplinary engagement, and understand and respond to conflict.

Based on the author’s published work and masters research in healthcare conflict management, this presentation will then explore the key drivers of conflict within multi-disciplinary teams, as well as healthcare negotiation insights from the emerging fields of Resilient Healthcare, Complexity Theory, neuroscience, and Safety II. Allied Health practitioners attending this session will come away with a comprehensive set of techniques to intentionally improve engagement, collaboration and negotiation in complex multi-disciplinary environments.


Ben is a nationally accredited mediator, conflict coach and negotiation skills trainer, with a strong background in mental health patient safety and clinical governance. He is founder of AboutResolution, a healthcare-focused conflict management consultancy, and has partnered with a range of healthcare organisations including Primary Health Networks, Hospital and Health Services, Private Hospitals and Universities to deliver clinically-focused conflict management solutions.

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