Standardising position descriptions: How structuring and managing roles in a uniform way creates sustainability and increases efficacy for Allied Health clinicians

Mrs Louise Maye1, Ms Clare Daley1

1Hunter New England Local Health District, Newcastle, Australia

In November 2017, NSW Health implemented a new recruiting and onboarding (ROB). As part of this roll out, Hunter New England Local Health District(HNELHD) took the opportunity to develop standardised positions descriptions for alied health clinicians to structure and manage roles in a uniform way

Position descriptions are an important part of hiring and managing employees. A position description clarifies employer expectations for employees, provides a basis of measuring job performance and provides a clear description of the role for job candidates, while enabling pay and grading systems to be structured fairly and logically.

Prior to the roll out of ROB, HNELHD allied health staff employed on similar grading/pay scales had varied expectations/roles and responsibilities in their position description that were dependent on location, manager and recruiting officer.

Allied health standardised position descriptions were developed for hiring managers employing allied health professions under the NSW Health Service Health Professionals (State) Award. Although not all allied health roles are the same, there are many elements of a position description that remain unchanged.Therefore each position description has two district level accountabilities that are mandatory for all position descriptions. Further to this, six accountabilities and four selection criteria based on the Award were developed to standardise each position description. These were developed through consultation with the HNELHD Allied Health Leadership Advisory CouncilManagers can then access an online inventory of additional accountabilities and selection criteria to further individualise the position description.

Over the 12 month period following the roll out of the standardised PD’s, 145 allied health positions were advertised that utilised the templates.


Louise Maye is an Allied Health Project Officer for Hunter New England Local Health District. Over the past 10 years, Louise has coordinated many projects such as telehealth, clinical supervision, clinical redesign and data reporting systems for the district, all with a key focus on providing workforce solutions to enable clinicians to streamline their practice and provide better patient care and outcomes.

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