Developing an eBook distribution platform for patient education at the Princess Alexandra Hospital Radiation Oncology Department

Mr Andrew Puffett1

1Princess Alexandra Hospital Radiation Oncology, Brisbane, Australia

Introduction: Providing clear and concise information to patients that incorporates the multi-disciplinary nature of their medical care can be a difficult and time intensive process. In prescribing radiation therapy, Radiation Oncologists often face the dilemma of having to explain complex treatment processes to patients in a time limited and emotionally charged environment that is intertwined with advice from other health care professionals. To help enhance the effectiveness of patient education, the Cancer Services team of the Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) Radiation Oncology Department, (Ipswich Road and Raymond Terrace Campuses) have been working together, with support from the PA Research Foundation, to develop a novel education system that provides easy to understand site specific oncology information to patients via their mobile devices.

Aim: This pilot project aimed to explore the use of an app based portal for the publication and distribution of ebooks specifically designed to educate patients about radiation therapy and associated health care practices performed at the Ipswich Road and Raymond Terrace Campuses, PAH

Method: The project involved the creation of an application known as the ROPAH Guides to provide a platform for publication and distribution of ebooks via the Apple and Google Play stores. Content for the app was produced in house by the PAH cancer services team and published on the platform using commercially available digital authoring software. Project outcomes were then evaluated via patient survey and use of analytics in Google Play and Apple Stores.

Results: This project is ongoing and data collection is continuing. However, early results indicate that patients actively download the content recommended by their health care team and believe the app is an excellent resource for their oncology education needs.

Conclusion: It is anticipated that the ROPAH Guides app will enhance clinical outcomes for patients by reducing anxiety and improving treatment compliance.

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