Seeing the baby and family in the home to hold health and mental health in mind: Mental health and maternal health collaborations to support vulnerable infants and their families through primary consultation

Amity Mcswan1

1Eastern Health Child Youth Mental Health Service, Specialist Child Team, Box Hill, Australia

In June 2018, after much planning, Eastern Health CYMHS (Child and Youth Mental Health Service) and the Maroondah Enhanced Maternal Child Health Service began a pilot program to provide Infant mental health services to families accessing maternal child health services.

This is an exciting partnership where the mental health clinician and enhanced maternal child health nurse can identify families that could benefit from a mental health consultation. We then with these families together in the home environment to think about infant and maternal health, current concerns and what supports may be of help in this early vulnerable stage.  Often after the primary consult appropriate families then consent to a referral for the infant and their family to CYMHS for assessment and treatment.

The project is proving to be successful in identifying families for CYMHS, increasing the understanding in the service environment regarding what is infant mental health, as well using a primary consult model to increase access for difficult to engage families. This presentation will use case studies to demonstrate how CYMHS and EMCH have been able to form this partnership, define the roles of participating professionals, the criteria for referrals,  how we have been able to increase accessibility for families and our learnings from the program.

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