Developing emerging researchers in Allied Health – the role of mentors

Professor Michal Schneider1

1Monash University, Clayton, Australia

Many Allied Health practitioners hope to engage in research at some stage of their professional career. Evidence-based practice (EBP) and research methodology are today part of the curriculum and, in theory, should prepare future health care practitioners to engage with research and EPB. However, in clinical practice, this often falls by the wayside despite best intentions. Common hurdles include time pressures, lack of resources, a poor research culture and lack of research career pathways. One way to overcome some of the obstacles include facilitating mentorship for emerging researchers. Using the Victorian Allied Health Research Framework, recently established by the Department of Health and Human Services (Victoria) as an example, this presentation will describe the role of mentors in supporting, developing and maintaining a positive research culture for practitioners working in Allied Health.


Prof Michal Schneider is the Deputy Head and Director of Research at the Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences, Monash University. In February 2019, she started her role as the inaugural Allied Health Research and Translation Program Director at the Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria. She has published over 120 papers in diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy research (clinical and educational) and currently supervises 13 PhD students in these disciplines. She is keen to assist the Allied Health Workforce to develop a better research culture and foster research and evidence-based practice.

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