Clinical reasoning the need for pre-discharge home visits: Development, validation and evaluation of a decision-making support tool for Metro North Hospital and Health Service Occupational Therapists

Ms Maureen Godfrey1, Dr  Tammy  Aplin2

1The Prince Charles Hospital, Metro North Hospital and Health Service, Brisbane, Australia, 2School of Health and Rehabilitaiton Sciences, The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Australia

Occupational therapy pre-discharge home visits are frequently conducted in many hospital contexts to support safe discharge planning and community re-integration. With the current healthcare context requiring efficiency with length of hospital stay and value-based interventions, and providing a changing landscape of post-discharge services, recent research indicates that the decision to conduct these resource intensive visits for specific patients is complex.  While the decision is centred on patient need, it is mediated by a range of factors.  It can be a decision that less experienced clinicians need more support in making. To meet this need, a working group of occupational therapists from facilities across a metropolitan health service was formed and developed a decision-making support tool for pre-discharge home visits. Subsequently, the occupational therapy workforce received education concerning the background and use of the tool and it has been trialled at six hospital and rehabilitation settings in Brisbane. The impact of the tool on occupational therapists’ confidence in clinical decision-making, their accuracy in decision-making, along with their ability to communicate their decision to patients and the multidisciplinary team on whether a pre-discharge home visit is required will be presented. Factors of clinical utility including time taken to complete the tool and its ease of use will also be discussed.

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