Does a patient centred approach with the dialysis dietetics services increase adherence to dietary modifications to improve health outcomes and quality of life

Ms Sandra Palazzo1, Ms Samantha Plush1

1Lyell Mcewin Hospital, Elizabeth Vale, Australia

End Stage Kidney failure from chronic kidney disease (CKD) requires extensive dietary changes to manage potentially life threatening electrolyte build up(1) as well as fluid overload and malnutrition risk on dialysis .  Dietary intake studies have shown patients’ experience difficulty in adhering to the scope and complexity of these dietary recommendations (2,3) which can increase morbidity and mortality in these patients  . Patients on dialysis are inconsistently consulted regarding the support they desire to meet their personal goals to manage their condition(4).  Our Key Performance Indicators (KPI) at Lyell McEwin Hospital (LMH), indicated only 85% of patient report both confidence in managing their condition through diet, and satisfaction with the dietetics service.   Our survey indicated that patients wanted more visual displays, cooking sessions and even shopping tours to enhance the way they learn and engage in making dietary modifications to improve their health outcomes.   The aim of this project is to implement a patient centred education program by tailoring education around our patients self-reported needs to aid adherence and improve outcomes for our patients. To undertake this project, visual displays and pre/post quizzes will be developed targeting specific nutrients and knowledge as well as the Quality of Life Survey (KDQOL-SF version1.3 ). This project aims to improve changes in biochemistry, knowledge and QOL survey results and improved patients overall confidence in managing their condition and satisfaction with the dietitian.


Sandra completed a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics in 1994 and is the Senior Dietitian currently working at Lyell McEwin Health service with a special interest in chronic conditions and patient engagement  in both diabetes and chronic kidney disease.  She has been working at Lyell McEwin Health Service for the last 4 ½ years working in the Diabetes Education Centre and using those skills to work with renal patient both in dialysis and chronic kidney disease clinic.

Samantha Plush.  Samantha has been awarded a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics 2009. She is the senior dietitian working at Lyell McEwin hospital working with patients on dialysis, or within the gastroenterology or oncology clinics. She has worked in chronic kidney disease and dialysis for the past 7 years. Her interests include motivational interviewing, patient engagement and chronic disease management.

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