Content ideas to boost your allied health business

Mr Ruben Mackellar

From social media ‘know-hows’ to content curation and audience growth, this presentation will outline a few ‘unknowns’ for allied health clinicians, businesses and organisations when it comes to creating content and utilising social media channels effectively on a day-to-day basis.

Consultants, experts and external ‘voices’ to a businesses’ social media tend to complicate and confuse the social media scape into monotonous sets of metrics, reporting and data. This then leads to businesses thinking that growth in social media comes simply from posting ‘anything and everything’ in order to get a like and pushing large amounts of money behind content, intended to reach an audience, that it will never come through your clinic. There is less time-consuming, fun and rewarding ways of growing your online community through social media and seeking the engagement you want, rather than need. You can do this yourself, within your business, and you’ll be fully in control.

Within this presentation, it will showcase informative content ideas along with practical examples of ‘what to do and not to do’ when it comes to content and helpful tips on increasing online presence. This presentation also aims to give every member of the audience a unique understanding of how content can easily influence a consumer’s choice, with just click of a button.

Throughout the presentation, strict adherence to the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines and the Australian Consumer Law will be given.

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