Developing the NSW Health Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics Workforce

William Ryder1, Hassan Kadous2, Maria Berarducci1, Rebecca Heron-Dowling2

1Health Education and Training Institute, Gladesville, Australia, 2NSW Ministry of Health, North Sydney, Australia

The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI), in partnership with the NSW Ministry of Health, is supporting the development of the NSW Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics (DIMP) Workforce. The DIMP Workforce provides expert scientific advice to Nuclear Medicine and Radiology departments as part of multidisciplinary teams that deliver clinical imaging services.  The NSW Health Professionals Workforce Plan 2012-2022 identified the DIMP workforce as a ‘small but critical workforce’ and is committed to increasing its size. Due to the small size of the DIMP workforce nationally, it will require innovative training strategies to be developed.

HETI has undertaken a needs analysis for training the DIMP Workforce in NSW Health via semi-structured interviews and wide consultation. The interviews (N=13) were conducted with all NSW departments that employ DIMPs. A NSW DIMP Training Program is being developed to support Supervisors to enable Registrars to achieve DIMP certification with the Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine.

This presentation will describe the process undertaken and the outcomes that are resulting in development of NSW DIMP training program to produce the next generation of the DIMP workforce.

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