Are you ready for this? – reflecting on the implementation journey of electronic medication management system (eMMS)

Mrs Bryanna  Lawrie1, Ms Heidi  Wong1, Miss Sarah  Fuller2

1Children’s Health Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 2Clinical Excellence Queensland, Brisbane , Australia

Background: Previous literature had captured doctors’ and nurses’  views and perceptions on eMMS but none focused specifically on pharmacy staff despite our heavy involvement. This study aims to describe pharmacy staff’ change journey through the implementation of eMMS at a tertiary paediatric hospital early 2018.

Method: All pharmacy staff were invited to participate in a series of three online surveys released at 3 different time points during eMMS go-live period (namely pre-training, post-training/pre go-live and post go-live). The surveys were designed, distributed and collated using SuveryMonkey™ and results were further analyzed using Excel™.

Results: Respondents for survey 1 (n = 69), survey 2 (n= 60) and survey 3 (n = 50) included pharmacists, pharmacy interns, pharmacy assistants and pharmacy administration officers of age range from 18 to 45 years. Some overall trends were identified:

  • Confidence and proficiency in the use of eMMS increased by 20% post training and was sustained post go-live
  • Apprehension towards ieMR Advanced increased by 10% after training but the actual impact to individual workload decreased by 10% post go-live
  • Perceived level of support increased by 10% with each respective survey with pharmacy being heavily involved in the implementation

Discussion: Our research highlights the importance of practical and relevant end-user training in improving staff’ confidence and proficiency in using eMMS. Individuals’ age, role, prior change experience, use of social media, project involvement, amount of training also influenced their readiness towards eMMS implementation. Using eMMS implementation as an example, our research provided insights on considerations and factors that may contribute to successful change management.


Bree currently works as resident pharmacist at Queensland Children’s Hospital after completing her internship at Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Bree was seconded to the ieMR Advanced project to provide staff training on the new system. With human resource management background, Bree decided to undertake this project to observe the change journey that pharmacy takes during implementation of Cerner ieMR

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