Development of a framework to evaluate implementation of an interprofessional education and practice organisation-wide strategy to foster integrated family centred care

Kristine Kelly1, Claire  Costello1, Tania Hobson1

1Queensland Children’s Hospital, South Brisbane, Australia

BACKGROUND – Healthcare teams are responding to complex challenges to deliver quality, safe and cost-effective healthcare by transforming traditional approaches of healthcare delivery to incorporate Interprofessional practice (IPP), underpinned by Inter-professional education (IPE) ¹²³.   To fully realise the benefits and efficiencies IPP and IPE can effect, it is imperative that healthcare services develop an organisation-wide understanding of principles of IPE and IPP¹²⁵ , thus Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Services (CHQ-HSS) has developed an organisation-wide IPE/IPP strategy including an evaluation framework and workforce awareness survey (WAS) to ensure internal consistency in longitudinal evaluation.

AIM – To establish a consistent approach to evaluation of organisational learning related to an IPE/IPP strategy and to monitor organisational understanding of IPP/IPE by sampling the workforce of CHQ longitudinally through a phased roll out of the strategy.

METHOD – A working group of interprofessional champions from CHQ-HHS was convened.  An international partnership was formalised with the Centre for Interprofessional Education, University of Toronto. Literature reviews were conducted to inform WAS content and develop the Evaluation framework cross-referenced to organisational learning effectiveness as described by Kirkpatrick-Phillips⁴. Consultation incorporated review by CHQ representatives and international partners. A pilot awareness survey was undertaken with a sample population of workforce (clinical and non-clinical) to refine its effectiveness. Communication and distribution plan optimised workforce engagement and survey completion rates.

RESULTS & DISCUSSION – Initial data collection phase is underway for phase1/horizon1 of the strategy.  Results from this stage will be analysed & presented.  Findings from the evaluation framework and awareness survey will serve to inform future planning for targeted IPE/ IPP activity within CHQ-HHS existing and emerging workforce with the aim of improving integration of care and optimising clinical outcomes for those target populations best serviced by interprofessional models of care. Ongoing evaluation of IPE/IPP activities across horizons of implementation will be measured according to the evaluation framework.


Kris Kelly is an Allied Health Workforce Development Officer and Co-chair of the Children’s Health Queensland  Inter-professional Working Group.  She has been involved in educating allied health students within the university context and during clinical placement  with of focus on inter-professional education in a paediatric context.  Her work has included paediatric workforce education and training also incorporating inter- professional education with emphasis on  inter professional models of care and simulation based learning  for over a decade.

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