Developing a 5-year SA pharmacy workforce roadmap

Ms Sharon Goldsworthy1

1SA Pharmacy, Adelaide, Australia

Aim: To describe the development of a long term strategic workforce planning roadmap.

Methodology: SA Pharmacy Executive with a workforce strategist, following the international workforce planning standard, established a workforce planning project. The majority of our workforce falls into 3 main workgroups; assistants, early career pharmacists and leadership. Across sites three to four staff champions, led by a workforce portfolio lead, were nominated for each workgroup. Champions in their relative workgroup reviewed the raw staffing demographic data, building questions for a staff survey to test theories/assumptions arising from the data. Champions additionally engaged our workforce in completing the online survey. Survey results and demographic data were used to write an objective workforce data story identifying emergent themes. With the goal of attracting and retaining workforce, themes were workshopped by additional staff, developing, refining and risk assessing strategies ensuring that executive approved the sound final strategies. Executive used a prioritisation tool to further inform the 5-year Workforce Roadmap which outlines the process we have undertaken, the strategies, their priority and timelines to achieve.

Results: A 79% survey response yielded persuasive evidence to inform our Roadmap. Key messages were flexibility to move within the organisation, flexibility in hours worked, access to promotional opportunities, and opportunities to develop/learn and expand.

Conclusion: SA Pharmacy has established a Workforce Roadmap setting the strategic direction for the next five years. The Roadmap serves to meet identified needs and priorities of staff and the health sector promoting a flourishing and contemporary workforce.


Sharon is the Associate Director of Pharmacy, Central Adelaide Local Health Network for The Queen Elizabeth & Glenside Hospitals and Hampstead Centre. She is the SA Pharmacy Workforce Portfolio Lead and a trained Facilitator. She undertook a Pharmacy degree at the South Australian Institute of Technology and Clinical Pharmacy Masters Degree at the University of South Australia. She is a Fellow of the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia.

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