Realising our value by succeeding where others have failed

Joanne Travaglia, PhD, Professor, Health Services Management, Director, Centre for Health Services Management, Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney

It is 20 years since the start of the modern patient safety movement. In that time numerous strategies, and millions of dollars and hours have been spent word wide trying to reduce the rate of errors and improve the quality of care. While there have been some successes, the grim fact is that the overall rate of errors seems to have remained the same. In this keynote I will discuss why I think this might be, and why Allied Health professionals might provide the answer to reducing errors, preventing harm and improving the quality of care.


Professor Joanne Travaglia is a medical sociologist with a background in health services research, management and leadership. She is Professor and Chair of Health Services Management, Director of the Centre for Health Services Management and Discipline Lead (Health Services Management) Faculty of Health, UTS. Her research examines the quality and safety of care, through the lens of critical theory. Her research has addressed issues such as inter-professional practice, health care leadership, vulnerability and the quality and safety of care. Originally trained as a social worker, Professor Travaglia has particular interest in the leadership, practices and impact of allied health workers.

Her work addresses: the implementation of policy and theory in practice; social and organisational origins of errors and adverse events; clinical governance and its enactment; inter-professional and interdisciplinary collaboration and learning; mixed method research; and the management of workplace diversity. Her research focuses on the visualization of intersectional vulnerabilities and population level determinants of patient safety.

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2007, Hobart (7th NAHC)

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2013, Brisbane (10th NAHC)

2015, Melbourne (11th NAHC)

2017, Sydney (12th NAHC)

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