Was I the Mentor or the Mentee? Piloting an inter-professional Mentoring program in a pandemic

Ms Sue Prosser1, Mr Matthew Egan1

1Central Coast Local Health District, Gosford, Australia

Our pilot inter-professional Allied Health Mentoring program ran from June 2020-February 2021. We will share the methodology and the results including the unexpected benefits of the pilot occurring in a pandemic.

The pilot involved 16 participants from a range of disciplines; social work, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, radiography and speech pathology. Each mentee was partnered for individual sessions with a mentor from a different discipline.

Participants completed evaluations at mid-point and completion of the program. Managers of participants were also surveyed .The qualitative evaluation results include written reflections by participants; samples of the reflections of both mentors and mentees will be included in the presentation.  For example;

‘I would like to take a little of the enthusiasm for change and growth and bring it back to my working life. My mentee was able to articulate barriers and boundaries that resonated well with me historically and presently. A commitment to self-reflection and to practice creative thinking has been a result of our brief relationship.  Was I the mentor or the mentee?’

The identified benefits include increased job satisfaction, increased confidence, networking, understanding other Allied Health disciplines approach and personal and professional growth. Three participants have applied for and accepted higher positions that they directly attribute to their involvement in the program.

Results of the evaluation of the pilot will inform recommendations for the future of this program.


Matt is a Senior Physiotherapist with the Central Coast Local Health District, New South Wales gaining experience in a range of clinical areas in a predominantly community-based setting since 2014. Matt has a keen interest in team building, education and professional and personal development

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