Implementing the Lean Daily Management System: Optimising workforce engagement, communication and continuous improvement

Mr Raymond Kopeshke1

1Mater Hospital Brisbane, South Brisbane , Australia

Background: The Lean Daily Management System (DMS) is a framework that has been designed to help organisations and teams sustain improvement and achieve their goals.   In 2017, Mater Brisbane adopted this framework and through an array of initiatives, have improved organisational communication and the ability to deliver healthcare more effectively to our patients.

Methods: This project was undertaken using the A3 improvement methodology. Extensive collaboration and benchmarking between allied health departments and focus group discussions was completed to help tailor and embed the DMS at a departmental level.

Results: The uptake of the DMS resulted in a redesign in how teams collaborate and make decisions in relation to clinical capacity and demand, identify and address problems and risks, generate improvement ideas, recognise achievements and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). The implementation of daily team huddles and visual boards has been pivotal to the success of the DMS.

Conclusion: Effective implementation of the DMS has positive impacts on team communication, clinical decision making, KPI awareness and identification of problems/risks and subsequent  improvement ideas.


Biography to come.

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