Measuring patient change during rehabilitation- the establishment of a national outcome measure database and preliminary data analysis

Dr Amanda  Timmer1, Dr Margie Schache1, Jenny Haig2, Danielle French3

1Ramsay Health Care, Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital, Donvale, Australia, 2Ramsay Health Care, , Australia, 3Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation, , Australia

Introduction: Outcome measures are collected routinely as part of clinical care to determine the patient outcomes and investigate effectiveness of healthcare for patients undergoing rehabilitation. Ramsay Health Care currently provides an estimated 25% of all private hospital rehabilitation services across Australia. A standard set of outcome measures was identified and tested for responsiveness in rehabilitation. These outcome measures are used to determine overall change in patient status during their rehabilitation and provide useful information to review the rehabilitation programs. Outcome measure data can also be used to investigate treatment cost efficiency and identify areas for quality improvement and research.

Purpose: Outline the process of establishing a system of routine outcome measure data collection in 32 private hospitals providing rehabilitation services across Australia and provide preliminary data analysis.

Method: Collaboration with Vision Tree Optimal Care™ (VTOC) to develop electronic versions of the standard set of outcome measures and storage of outcome measure data in a secure electronic platform.  Staff training in outcome measure completion and use of the VTOC™ system. Initial 6-month data analysis using descriptive methods.

Results: Presentation of the VTOC™ platform. Information regarding compliance with using the VTOC™ system and an overview of advantages and challenges in implementing the system will be presented.

Conclusion: An accurate and timely system of collecting outcome measure data across Australia has been implemented and data is available to provide valuable information regarding patient change during rehabilitation, treatment effectiveness, quality improvement and research.


Amanda Timmer has been an occupational therapist for 30 years in the field of rehabilitation.  She completed her PhD in 2018 and continues to champion research projects at Donvale with her colleague Margie Schache.

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