Implementation of the Staff Psychological Wellbeing and Support Program at Fiona Stanley Hospital

Dr Michael Monisse-Redman1, Hyranthi Kavanagh1

1Fiona Stanley Hospital, Murdoch, Australia

During 2020 health services and hospitals were reminded of the importance of managing staff psychological well-being and mental health needs as the COVID-19 Pandemic began to dominate service delivery and the lives of healthcare workers. The sustained influence of a worldwide pandemic on hospitals highlighted the need for organisations to consider programs and interventions that could mitigate the impact felt by frontline healthcare workers. Although a primary concern prior to the current pandemic, the exacerbation of staff distress, stress and workplace demands due to the COVID-19 pandemic brought to the forefront of hospital priorities and focus, an urgent need to improve access to appropriate psychological supports. Given the risk of adverse mental and physical health outcomes in this context, access to evidence-informed early intervention is essential.

Although over the past twelve months various strategies have been implemented with the aim of providing staff with additional knowledge and supports to manage factors increasing pressure on their mental health, the FSFHG executive team acknowledged a need to develop and offer targeted psychological interventions to ensure a healthy, effective, and sustainable workforce. This presentation will outline the development of an innovative hospital based health care worker support program that is delivered by the Department of Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology. The presentation will outline a tiered approach to psychological service provision to all health care staff in the FSFHG and discuss the proposed implementation plan and evaluation strategies. Early staff feedback through surveys and needs analyses indicates a demand for specific and specialised psychological support for staff, provided by ‘in-house’ clinical psychologists as a link to other resources including electronic and digital and external employee assistance programs.


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