Pioneering Allied Health activity reporting within Mental Health Drug & Alcohol inpatient settings

Ms Sarah Childs1, Mr Robert Tompsett1,2, Ms Julia Capper1

1Allied Health Directorate, Northern Sydney Local Health District, St Leonards, Australia, 2Mental Health Drug & Alcohol Directorate, Northern Sydney Local Health District, North Ryde, Australia, St Leonards, Australia

Background: Quantitative data on patient-clinician interventions is extremely valuable and useful. It assists services to model and monitor patient care, assist with resource planning, builds foundational databases for quality and research projects and drives accurate patient costing and funding models for public health hospitals and services in NSW. An opportunity was taken for implementation of the existing Allied Health (AH) Service Contact Forms (SCF) for Mental Health Drug & Alcohol (MHDA) Allied Health Clinicians across Northern Sydney Local Health District (NSLHD).

Aims: Primary aim is to evaluate the impact of SCF implementation on data quality and accessibility pre- and post-implementation. Secondary aim to understand the clinicians’ perspective on how SCF data may inform service delivery to enhance patient experience within MHDA setting. Method: A narrative of the changes to data quality and accessibility will be undertaken, with a quantitative review of costing differences pre- and post-implementation. A secondary analysis will include a survey which evaluates training, usability of form, and the perception of data usability to inform clinical practice, supported by a qualitative semi-structured interview with discipline leaders regarding the impact of implementing activity-based reporting. Discussion: Prior to the implementation of the SCF form within NSLHD MHDA inpatient settings, there was no formal uniform method of data collection for AH. Anecdotal evidence from the implementation of activity reporting in general health has seen an increase in service development supported by clinical data. It is expected that AH in MHDA will see true clinical benefit from improved data recording and accessibility.


Acknowledgements: Janice Plain, David Perabo, MHDA Allied Health Clinicians


Sarah Childs – Sarah is currently the Allied Health (AH) Performance Analyst for Northern Sydney Local Health District. Sarah has qualifications in Medical Science and Business and has experience working in health, business and cyber security analytics. Sarah currently focuses on AH analytics, the development of digital decision support tools and resources for AH and the management of data governance and change initiatives.

Robert Tompsett – Robert is the currently the Mental Health Drug & Alcohol Allied Health Manager, and Allied Health Development Consultant for Northern Sydney Local Health District. Robert has a clinical background in Podiatry & the High Risk Foot, with postgraduate qualification in Health Management. Robert is an innovative leader who is passionate about healthcare data and how data informs service delivery to improve the patient experience.

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