Measuring patient outcomes as well as patient and referrer satisfaction in patients with chronic cough / paradoxical vocal cord movement

Miss Jessie Cutler1

1Mater Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

Speech pathologists have an important role to play in the treatment of patients with chronic cough and/or paradoxical vocal cord movement. It is an emerging area of speech pathology that provides a valuable treatment option for patients who have exhausted medical treatment for their condition. Since 2019, the speech pathology department at the Mater Hospital has been assessing and treating patients with chronic cough (CC) and/or Paradoxical Vocal Cord Movement (PVCM).  Initially this caseload developed through a lack of other available services to which to refer. Over time, the caseload grew and it continues to be a large proportion of the outpatient caseload.

Although we can subjectively see the impact we have on our patient’s Quality of Life (QOL), currently we do not have a means to measure outcomes in this population and justify ongoing service provision.

The speech pathology department is studying this population to determine if:

  • There is an improvement in impairment (activity, participation and QOL) after providing cough suppression, open throat breathing techniques and deconstriction exercises.
  • Patients are satisfied with the service provided including waiting times; number of sessions, goals identified and addressed, overall management.
  • Referrers are satisfied with the service provided including waiting times, timely reports, and contribution to overall management of the patient.

This poster will present how the service has been structured, and preliminary data obtained from patient rated outcome measures (PROMS), and satisfaction surveys.


Jessie Cutler is a speech pathologist working at the Mater Hospital, Brisbane. She has experience in the adult caseload across the continuum of care, from acute to rehab, outpatients, community and aged care, both here in Queensland and in the UK. Her current interest is in the chronic cough/ PVCM caseload for which she has been working for 18 months.

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