From Discipline Focus to Allied Health Lens: Developing Allied Health leadership skills in our workforce

Dr Clare Ramsden1, Ms Barbara Moerd1

1Tasmanian Health Service, Hospitals South, Hobart, Australia

Allied Health staff are highly trained in a specific discipline and bring clinical expertise, skills and knowledge to the health organisation. However, as they become more experienced and transition into leadership roles they are often required to take on representative and leadership functions beyond that of their single discipline, usually with no formal training or development support. This brings several risks, including a lack of understanding of the broad Allied Health workforce, an inability to function in a representative manner and a reluctance to step into leadership roles that have an Allied Health (rather than discipline specific) focus due to a perceived lack of skills and knowledge in the area. To mitigate these risks, Allied Health Services at Tasmanian Health Service, Hospitals South developed the Allied Health Building Leadership Experience (ABLE) program, which focuses on building an understanding of fundamental leadership knowledge and skills in the context of transitioning from a discipline focus to an allied health lens. ABLE is based on a developmental intervention framework, allowing an iterative process that is responsive to the local environment, responds to feedback, adapts to key drivers and is informed by evidence. The program is developed and run from within Allied Health Services, in collaboration with the University of Tasmania, and participants have work-based experience of Allied Health representation roles to build competence and confidence. This presentation will outline the ABLE program, the evaluation of the first phase of the program, and the early outcomes for the organisation.


Dr Clare Ramsden is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Deputy Director of Allied Health at the Tasmanian Health Service, Hospitals South. She has worked in clinical, leadership and executive roles in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia, across health, hospital, mental health and brain injury rehabilitation services. Clare has clinical and service development interests in acquired brain injury, functional disorders, employee wellbeing and leadership development.

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