Review of Allied Health Supervision Models across Metro South Health

Mrs Carina Hartley1, Mrs Anne Coccetti, Ms  Maria  Schwarz

1Queensland Health, Logan, Australia


Supervision for allied health staff is required to ensure the quality of patient care, staff skill and offers a valuable opportunity to assist with staff development opportunities.

Supervision models for Allied Health across MSH were unsustainable.

Staff knowledge and utilisation of available professional support/supervision training was variable across sites.

Aims of Research:

Improve sustainability and quality of allied health professional supervision across MSH.  To support allied health access and uptake while considering cost and workload demand from trainer and trainee perspectives.


The 2018-2019 MSH allied health supervision data was reviewed. A multisite qualitative survey and focus groups with staff and facilitators were used to scope current supervision training quality, identify future training needs and opportunities for improvement. Investigation of alternative supervision models undertaken and comparison of models undertaken.


The current supervision model was not meeting the needs of MSH Allied Health professionals. Results suggested limitations in sustainability of existing model.  Staff utilisation and access, training content and facilitation were all identified as opportunities for improvement during evaluation.

Implementation of alternative supervision workshop structure was implemented to improve uptake, time and access efficiencies.

Future Directions:

The findings (including cost comparison analysis) could be used to support Allied Health supervision models beyond MSH. Development of an advanced supervision model using current evidence is underway.


Implementation of a new professional supervision workshop structure provides a sustainable and efficient solution to professional support for Allied Health in MSH.


Carina Hartley is an experienced Occupational Therapist and Allied Health Project Officer and works as a WDO within MSH. Carina has worked on the development and evaluation of new models of care across allied health and wider hospital services and participated in research in the area of hand therapy as a publishing author.

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