The evolution of transferable on the job competency training for Allied health assistants at Monash Health

Mrs Lucy Whelan1,2, Mrs Kylie Saccotelli1

1Monash Health, Clayton, Australia, 2Monash University, Clayton, Australia

Aim: Consistent and accessible on the job competency training for all Allied health assistants at Monash Health

Methods: The tool designed in 2017 has been audited three times and is also included in the organisation wide credentialing annual audit.

Several education pieces, both informal and formal have been completed to establish the practice of credentialing for allied health workforce inclusive of AHAs.

In recording achievement of various competency training and assessment packages, the AHAs originally had their own local spreadsheet and moved to the central e-cred system before moving to org side system of c-gov in March 2021.


  • Increased awareness of the competency tool to 100%.
  • Increased completion of core skills (Section 1) soon after recruitment to 90% completion rate.
  • Increased completion or in progress of section 2 (additional skills) to 90%
  • Increased use during clinical supervision (not only during performance appraisal)
  • Twenty new and improved competency training packages for AHAs have been written and released since 2017 inception of the tool.
  • Successful transition to c-gov central record for transparency and transferability.
  • Clear and established audit process.

Conclusions and Limitations:

AHA awareness and alignment with credentialing practice has seen an ongoing learning culture instilled in this workforce where learning needs are more easily identified. The central recording of competency attainment allows transparency between supervisors and AHAs as well as transferability from one role to another without unnecessary duplication. Ongoing education in this space is required to ensure the framework remains aligned with contemporary practice and new staff have the same credentialing principles instilled.


Kylie completed the Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance in 2013, and started her career as a Grade 2 Allied Health Assistant at Monash Health at the Kingston Centre, in the Physiotherapy department (Sub-Acute). In 2017 Kylie joined the Rehabilitation in the Home team at Kingston centre as a Grade 3 Allied Health Assistant, and continues in this role to the present day. Kylie currently completing the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment through a Monash Health funded scholarship. Kylie currently chairs the Monash Health AHA Competency Working Party and represents the AHA workforce on the Monash Health Allied Health Credentialing and Scope of Practice Committee.

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