The Blueprint for Culture Supporting a Patient-Centric Model

Ms Sue Jauncey1

1Appellon, Sydney, Australia

This topic illuminates the evidence-based science of achieving a Patient-Centric Model. If we are to succeed in putting the customer at the centre of our operations and decision making, we need to address the values and behaviours of our people first (our cultures).

In addition, wellbeing and supporting the healthcare workforce to remain connected and productive (including those working from home) are at the forefront of leaders’ minds. In exploring the new blueprint for culture, we will address these issues and show how leaders can impact them today.

It also gives practical success stories, case studies and insights from over 15,000 employees and leaders, across 5 million data points since COVID began, and 100s of scientific research studies, all distilled into easy to understand insights for your audience.

Key Takeaways:

  • ‘Why a change is needed’, ‘what to do’, with the science of ‘why it works’
  • The science behind compliance and risk management in Healthcare
  • What is the Blueprint for the workforce of the future and how it impacts the Health sector
  • Proven, positive impacts this new blueprint and science can have on leaders and the workforce
  • Increasing workforce performance and achieving organisational goals and wellbeing
  • The science that empowers the new blueprint, and practical ways to achieve a Patient-Centric Model
  • How to overcome the effects of COVID 19 on the health care workforce, changing behaviours and how to re-normalise to new ways of working
  • A complimentary e-book for attendees to dive deeper after the session


Sue is a registered Psychologist, global expert, thought leader, and in-demand speaker on achieving business outcomes, empowered by culture. She brings anecdotes from her unique past, which not only includes driving business results in blue-chip corporations globally but working with violent offenders in Australia’s correctional system.

Her ‘not so’ conventional wisdom on empowering cultures to drive financial performance, operational efficiency, risk and compliance, people and customer outcomes combined with the science-based and data-led methodology brings practical insights for the leaders of the next generation workforces.

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