Measuring the uptake of nutrition outcome measures within the nutrition care process

Mrs Janet Golder1

1Monash Health, Dandenong, Australia

Dietetic time and resources are spent delivering clinical services to patients without methods in place to analyse the impact of services delivered. Measuring resolution of the nutrition diagnosis or attainment of nutrition goals is critical in evaluating an individual nutrition care plan. More broadly, monitoring nutrition outcomes can potentially identify waste in clinical service delivery where there is little nutrition impact, ultimately assisting in service redesign.

To develop a set of nutrition outcome measures which would support the planning, delivery and evaluation of dietetic services to patients/clients and implement into the nutrition care process.

Mapping current state (internal, external), literature review, development and endorsement of nutrition diagnosis and goal outcome terms, integration into documentation templates, and staff education. Uptake of outcome measures into Dietitian documentation within a review consultation was measured in 2019 and 2020 via a single point prevalence medical file audit (n=25).

Outcome options endorsed by the organisation for nutrition diagnosis were New Diagnosis (no outcome)/Ongoing/Resolved, and New Goal (no outcome) / Achieved /Not Achieved /Progressing /Ceased for each nutrition goal. Audit results averaged across 2019/2020 indicated excellent uptake by clinicians, with 68% of nutrition diagnosis’s and 60% of nutrition goals documented in a review file entry including an outcome option, with the correct outcome term being used in 100% and 96% occasions respectively.

Integration of nutrition diagnosis and goal outcomes into Dietitian documentation allows swift and easy measurement of the success of the nutrition care process.


Janet Golder is a Senior Dietitian at Monash Health, Victoria. For 23 years Janet has worked across a range of acute hospital settings, and has specialised over her career in general medicine, vascular and colorectal surgery, and adult eating disorders. Presently, Janet is the Stream Lead for General Medicine across Monash Health, and also holds portfolio responsibilities within education and quality and research. Her passion is leadership and team development, and project management/research focused on improvements in bed based service delivery.

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