Effectiveness of the Western Health Red Dome patient feeding program

Mrs Karon Markovski1, Mrs Aranka Nenov1

1Western Health, Williamstown, Australia

Malnutrition is common in the hospital setting.

Western Health Nutrition studies have shown that 45% of patients require assistance with feeding and only half of these receive it.

In response to these findings the “red dome” patient feeding assistance program was introduced to Western Health organisation wide in 2015 to identify and provide full feeding assistance required as part of the hospital malnutrition strategy.

The aim of this project was to determine compliance with the “red dome” process and explore how the program impacted on patient and nursing satisfaction.

The Dietitian audited each Step of the “red dome” process for compliance.

Nursing staff and patients/carers were invited to complete a satisfaction questionnaire.

The audit showed good compliance with the “red dome” feeding process.

Of the 52 patients audited, 77% were correctly identified, however only 53% of these received feeding assistance.

Of the 52 patients identified, 40 participated in the survey and 62% of these reported the program enabled them to eat more of their meal and 50% reported the program made their hospital experience more enjoyable.

Of the 84 nurses surveyed, 95% were aware of the program and 86% reported the program assisted them to spend more time with patients that required the most feeding.

The “red dome” patient feeding program at Western Health is effective in identifying and providing feeding assistance to those in need, however requires further development in order to provide timely feeding assistance to all patients identified to address malnutrition.


Karon Markovski is an APD registered clinical dietitian and has been practicing for 36 years in all areas of hospital dietetics. She is currently working and has an ongoing interest in sub acute /outpatients and Home enteral nutriton at western health

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