Clinical educator capability across the continuum: establishing the Physiotherapy Clinical Educator Development Pathway

Ms Danielle Paunovic1, Ms Kassie Shardlow1

1QEII Jubilee Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

The Clinical Educator Development Pathway (Pathway) was created to facilitate clinical educator (CE) development across Queensland Public Health Service (QHPS) sites. Resources to ensure CE preparedness for placement exist at multiple sites across the state, however they vary between facilities and lack a focus on clinical educator knowledge and skill development.

Enable physiotherapists to acquire the appropriate knowledge, skills and attributes to transition across the CE development continuum enhancing the quality of clinical education delivered.
Introduce a consistent method for CE capability across the development continuum and minimise unwarranted variation between QPHS sites.

A project steering committee was formed to establish the Pathway. The lead project officer created a draft Pathway which was informed by pre-existing clinical educator development frameworks, a literature scan and resources developed by QHPS facilities. The methodology for finalisation of the Pathway was via an iterative approach utilising steering committee feedback. Implementation and finalisation of the Pathway is planned to take place in semester two, 2021.

The Physiotherapy Clinical Educator Development Pathway provides a structured and evidence-based approach to clinical educator development. The Pathway defines clinical educator elements and key indicators at each stage of the development continuum; foundational, intermediate and advancing. A goal setting tool to facilitate self-directed learning and reflection accompanies the Pathway, enabling CE development across the continuum.
This presentation will provide an overview on the Pathway, supporting documents and lessons learned.

The authors would like to thank the Directors of Physiotherapy Services Queensland ‘Clinical Education and Training Initiative’ for funding this project with support from the Allied Health Professions’ Office of Queensland. The authors would also like to acknowledge the significant contribution of the project steering committee and trial sites.


Danielle Paunovic is a Senior Physiotherapist at QEII Jubilee Hospital with an interest in clinical education and system improvement in Healthcare.

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