Patient Led Vocational Barista Program

Miss Cassandra Long1, Miss Marina Mansour1

1Malabar, Australia

Occupational Therapists in collaboration with patients within the Forensic Hospital, have identified having a job as a meaningful occupation. Within the structures of a high secure facility, opportunities to engage in meaningful work roles are limited. The Barista program provides the opportunity for patients to develop industry specific and general vocational skills that are transferrable in a community setting. This program is a patient led initiative which also provides leadership opportunities relevant to supervisor roles. It facilitates the trauma informed principles of empowerment and choice which are essential for a patients recovery. The barista training program has played a significant role in a number of participants recovery by lowering their risk profile and in preparing them for discharge to a less restricted environment.


Marina and Cassandra are Occupational Therapists working at the Forensic Hospital in Sydney.

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