Behind the numbers: the change leadership that drives Allied Health informatics reform

Mr Callum Trevorrow1, Ms Kristy Perkins1, Mr Philip Juffs1

1West Moreton Health, Ipswich, Australia

West Moreton Health, a Queensland Hospital and Health Service improved Allied Health informatics’ capabilities through effective change leadership. Reduced duplication of data capture, embedding data recording in existing workflows, availability of data to clinical leaders and utilising data in service and workflow optimisation motivated staff to sustain positive change.

The success of this change highlights the importance of:

  1. Clinical leaders with an understanding of the business of healthcare and change leadership;
  2. Leaders who can connect the business of health to the workforce who deliver healthcare;
  3. Communication, engagement and empowerment by a guiding coalition representative of services and professions to create short term wins, sustain and institute permanent change;
  4. Rapid adaption to the changing digital landscape to ensure benefits realisation and removal of low value tasks.

A shift towards decentralised and distributed access and utilisation of data resulted in increased workforce engagement. Changes resulted in reduction of manual and duplicate data entry through integration of data capture into the electronic medical record and implementation of profession specific intervention codes for admitted patient service events. Significant improvements in counting of non-admitted service events resulted in a 55% and 18% increase for two Allied Health disciplines in 2020 compared to 2019.

Informatics governance and reform in Allied Health is complex due to numerous and diverse professions servicing multiple speciality areas. Therefore, Allied Health must consider the systems, governance and leadership required to transform business practices whilst being sensitive to the challenges of the clinician.


Callum is a Physiotherapist who works as an Allied Health Workforce Development and Informatics Officer at West Moreton Health, Queensland. Callum chaired the West Moreton Allied Health informatics group initiated in 2019 that led change in recording, counting, reporting and costing within Allied Health. He has a strong interest in establishing the structures and culture for clinicians to excel. Callum holds a Graduate Certificate in Business Leadership and is studying a Graduate Certificate of Clinical Redesign.

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