Perceptions (including enablers and barriers) of Allied Health Professionals and Allied Health Assistants providing deep nasal and oropharyngeal swabbing for COVID- 19 detection

Mrs Kylie Keast1, Mrs Anne Coccetti1

1Metro South Hospital and Health Service, Queensland Health, Meadowbrook, Australia

During the COVID-19 pandemic demand for deep nasal and oropharyngeal swabbing within fever clinics for COVID-19 detection was unable to be managed solely by nursing staff. As a result, Allied Health Professionals (AHP) were voluntarily deployed into the fever clinics within MSH to perform swabbing.

Aims of Research
To evaluate AH involvement in COVID19 fever clinics including data analysis of existing staffing across MSH sites and professionals. As well as reviewing the perceptions of AHP and Allied Health Assistants (AHA) regarding participation in fever clinics including barriers to participation.
To identify opportunities to ensure a sustainable AHP and AHA workforce and participation in fever clinics.

Focus groups across MSH will be completed with AHP and AHA. Descriptive/ thematic analysis will be utilised to evaluate perceptions regarding working in fever clinics including barriers and enablers to participation.

Descriptive/Thematic and survey data analysis will highlight the current staff participation in COVID19 fever clinics across different sites/services and professions. Barriers and enablers to working in the fever clinics will be identified and strategies implemented which aim to facilitate a sustainable and flexible workforce model within MSH will be discussed.

Future Directions
The findings will enable training, competency development and skill maintenance of AHP to support ongoing demands of fever clinics.
The findings could be used to support Allied Health workforce integration into fever clinics beyond MSH.

Allied Health Professionals and Allied Health Assistants can be trained in a sustainable way to support current and future fever clinic demands.


Kylie Keast is a Speech Pathologist and Workforce Development Officer working within Metro South Hospital and Health Service (Queensland Health). Kylie has lead workforce initiatives and projects within Speech Pathology and Allied Health.

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