Coaching in Quality Improvement: an initiative to support contemporary models of care

Mrs Simone Munro1, Andrea Bramley1,2, Debra Mitchell1,3

1Monash Health, Melbourne, Australia, 2Latrobe University, Bundoora, Australia, 3Monash University, Clayton, Australia

Quality improvement (QI) is essential for safe, effective, equitable healthcare. Embedding quality improvement theory into allied health practice is crucial to reduce delay in research translation. While quality improvement resources abound, it remains uncertain regarding the best model to support clinicians to understand how to implement systems to drive practice change. We aimed to develop, pilot and evaluate a program to increase allied health skills, capability and confidence in QI through experiential learning and coaching.

A “Coaching in Quality Improvement” Program (CinQI) was developed to support implementation of an allied health contemporary clinical practice framework. Through competitive application, clinicians were selected to participate in the CinQI program comprising of self-directed learning, group workshops and fortnightly 1:1 coaching over three months. Curriculum included diagnostic tool application, co-design in healthcare and stakeholder engagement. Coaching focused on contextualising theory to individual projects.

Feasibility and effectiveness of CinQI was evaluated through pre- and post-survey using the BASIC-QI tool and qualitative feedback.

Two program rounds have been conducted (n = 13). Preliminary evaluation indicates CinQI methodology is effective with all participants increasing knowledge and confidence to apply improvement methodology. Feasibility was demonstrated with 100% of participants completing the program amongst clinical responsibilities. Half the projects reached final implementation stages with remainder in evaluation phase. Participants reported 1:1 coaching ensured project momentum and success.

The CinQi program supports implementation of research and contemporary models of care in Allied Health and will transition to an ongoing program.


Simone Munro is a speech pathologist currently employed as a workforce advisor to the Chief Allied Health Officer at Monash Health. Simone has extensive experience in management, clinical service delivery and credentialing and scope of practice issues.

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