Allied Health in 2030: what are the challenges we face and what is on our research agenda to best prepare?

A selection of pre-conference workshops will be held through the 2021 NAHC Online Platform on Monday 9th August. 

Workshops are an additional expense and are open to both conference delegates and non-conference delegates.

Places are limited and bookings will be taken on a first come – first served basis.

Allied Health in 2030: what are the challenges we face and what is on our research agenda to best prepare?

Workshop Presenters: Professor Andrew Baillie

Date: Monday 9 August

Time: 1500 – 1730

Allied health will be challenged over the next decade. Inequality; climate change; technology; consumer centred/integrated care; increasing pressure on health budgets; fake news, political instability and decreasing trust in science; epidemics; the health workforce; and the marketing of unhealthy products are all issues that may impact on Allied Health over the next decade. How can we prepare? This workshop brings together a panel of allied health leaders in government, health services, universities, and stakeholders to discuss the challenges and to consider solutions. Delegates will participate in discussion and identify gaps, unknowns, or uncertainties in our potential responses with the panel. These unknowns and uncertainties are potential research priorities. By reducing uncertainty research can better inform our choices and better prepare us for future challenges. The Workshop will end with some suggestions for allied health strategic research priorities.

What will delegates get out of attending:

Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from allied health leaders and key stakeholders and participate in discussions about priorities for allied health research.

Professor Andrew Baillie

Andrew Baillie is a clinical psychologist and professor of allied health at the University of Sydney and Sydney Local Health District. He works with Allied Health Research & Education for Translation & Innovation within SLHD to build Allied Health Research Capacity. He convenes the Academic Implementation Science Network for Sydney Health Partners. He collaborates with the Matilda Centre for Research in Substance use and Mental Health, the Edith Collins Centre (Translational Research in Alcohol Drugs and Toxicology, and the Sydney Institute of Women Children and their Families. He also works with the Psychology Team at RPAVirtual.

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