2015 NAHC Program

Monday 9 November 2015
0800 Workshop registration
Pre-Conference Workshops | Additional Cost
A selection of exciting pre-conference workshops will be held on Monday 9th November. These workshops are an additional cost and will soon be available to be booked during the conference registration process.
NAHC Morning Workshops
M11 M12 M13 M14 M15 M16
$60 | 3 hours $110 | 3 hours $110 | 3 hours $110 | 3 hours $60 | 1.5 hours $40 | 1.5 hours

The hidden giant; what’s next for allied health?

Panellists: Prof Lyn Littlefield,
Dr Stephen Duns,
Damian Mitsch,
Glenys Wilkinson,
Lin Oke

From Practice to Research: Beginners research for (busy) clinicians 
Prof Terry Haines, Prof Lynette Joubert
Multidisciplinary low vision care workshop 
Jonathan Jackson, Genevieve Napper50% discount ($55!) available if you book now! Click here for more information.
Introduction to the Allied Health: Credentialling, Competency and Capability (CCC) Framework
Andrea Pearce
Influencing communications, MidnightSky Communications Workshop 1
Luke Hockley, Cress Bradley
AHA: Swallowing disorders/dysphagia management workshop
Simone Munro, Rebecca Downes
1030-1045 Break
$60 | 1.5 hours $40 | 1.5 hours
1045-1215 …continued …continued …continued …continued Influencing communications, MidnightSky CommunicationsWorkshop 2 (repeat)
Luke Hockley, Cress Bradley
AHA: Integrate nutrition into work practices, to optimise health outcomes
Teresa Orsini
1215-1315 Light Lunch
1200-1700 Exhibition Set Up | Exhibition Hall
NAHC Afternoon Workshops
M11 M12 M13 M14 M15 M16
$110 | 3 hours $200 | 4 hours $110 | 3 hours $110 | 3 hours $110 | 3 hours $40 | 1.5 hours
1315-1445 Marketing in Allied Health
Amy Geach
Culturally responsive leadership in action
Kylie Stothers, Donna Murray
Eye care and diabetes workshop
Jonathan Jackson, Genevieve Napper50% discount available if you book now! Click here for more information.
Applying the Allied Health: Credentialling, Competency and Capability (CCC) Framework
Andrea Pearce
The future of allied health research in Australia – Leveraging our opportunities
Rosalie Boyce, Jenny Keating, Kathleen Philip, Robyn Hudson
AHA: Footwear and falls workshop
Annette Davis
1445-1500 Break
$40 | 1.5 hours
1500-1630 …continued



concludes 1700

…continued …continued …continued AHA: Career pathways for AHAs
Annette Davis
1600-1900 Conference Registration Open | Ground Level (outside Exhibition Hall)
1600-1800 Speaker’s Preparation Room Open | Level 1 PCO Suite
1730-1930 Welcome Reception in the Exhibition Hall


Tuesday 10 November 2015
0700-1700 Conference Registration Open | Ground Level (outside Exhibition Hall)
0700-1700 Speaker’s Preparation Room Open | Level 1 PCO Suite
Opening Plenary | Conference Hall | Chair: Kathleen Philip, Chief Allied Health Advisor (Victoria)
0830-0900 Welcome to Country: Aunty Carolyn Briggs, Elder of the Boon Wurrung People
Welcome Address: Minister for Health, The Hon. Jill Hennessy MP, VIC
0900-0950 Keynote Speaker: Professor Mary Lovegrove OBE, London South Bank University
Allied health realising the potential
Professor Lovegrove is a Diagnostic Radiographer by profession. She holds a personal chair in education and development for allied health professionals. Mary was awarded the OBE in the Queen’s Jubilee Birthday Honours (2012) for her commitment to allied health professionals.
0950-1040 Keynote Speaker: Holly Ransom, Young Australian of the Year 2013 finalist
Intergenerational leadership – inspiring changeHolly Ransom is the CEO of Emergent Solutions, a company specialising in the development of high performing intergenerational workforces, leadership and social outcomes. 
1040-1120 Morning Tea & Poster viewing | Exhibition Hall
Concurrent Session 1
Room CCH 1 CCH 2 CCH 3 M11 M12 M13 M14
Theme Track Research & quality improvement: It works better this way Infinity & beyond…extending the scope of practice Education: Learning together to enhance skills in allied health Effective use of the allied health assistant workforce Models of care in allied health Innovation in professional development Workforce development: Tomorrow’s stars
Chairs Rosalie Boyce Susan Nancarrow
Stephen Duns
Terry Haines
Elizabeth Skinner
Leah Wiseman
Peter Nuttman
Jacinta Russell
Michele Smith-Tamaray
Genevieve Napper
Kerry May
Bill Suen
Marg Sherburn
1120-1150 Key research support staff and location influences the research capacity and culture of the Victorian public health allied health workforce
Dr Cylie Williams
Key performance indicators to measure expanded scope of practice
Andrea Hurwood, Liza-Jane McBride
Inter-professional simulated education: Evaluating a diabetes simulation with students from nutrition and dietetics and exercise physiology
Nathan Reeves
Developement of simulated learning resources for allied health assistants training
Lee McGovern
West foot forward – outcomes of a high risk diabetes foot service
Julia Firth
Development of a competency framework: Physiotherapists’ perceptions of workplace knowledge and skills
Rodney Sturt
Austin Health Physiotherapy workforce redesign
A/Prof Sue Berney, Debbie Munro
1150-1155 5 minute transition time
1155-1210 Integrating the knowledge into action framework with a project management model to drive service improvement initiatives
Jill Mahoney
Complementary physical therapies for movement disorders in Parkinson’s disease: A systematic review
Meg Morris
Transitioning Allied Health into the digital world of a new quaternary hospital – an educators perspective
Khye Davey
Creation and evaluation of an AHA Care Coordination model in regional Victoria
Annalee Gardam, Kylie Murphy, Samantha Coonan
Generalized compared to disease-specific outpatient rehabilitation in people with multimorbidity: Feasibility outcomes from a pilot randomized controlled trial
Kathryn Barker
The Allied Health infant and family discharge program
Cara Naughton
Occupational therapists’ experiences of career progression following promotion
Susan Giles
1210-1225 Songwriting to explore self-concept following acquired neurological injury
Dr Jeanette Tamplin
The impact of a physiotherapist led paediatric fracture clinic. Sharing the load of outpatient fracture care
Mark Napper
Preparing physiotherapy students for clinical placement: Student perceptions of peer-simulation
Narelle Dalwood
Allied Health assistant model: towards patient based care
Rachel De Monte
Challenging the Monday to Friday workforce – evaluation of an innovative seven day occupational therapy and physiotherapy service in the acute setting
Jude Boyd
An exploratory study on facilitation of reflective practice skills for Grade 1 Occupational Therapy clinicians
Lauren Guy
Ensuring quality documentation practice – a review of allied health practice
Jo Brady
1225-1230 5 minute transition time
1230-1245 Dietetic intervention for inpatients on fluid diets helps to achieve nutritional requirements
Shonnel Rothery
Expanding extended scope of practice for dietitians in the management of gastrostomy tubes and cares
Claire Blake
Effectiveness of clinical supervision of allied health professionals: A survey
David Snowdon
Team training improves delegation practices
Laura Morrison
Establishing a nutrition-led, multidisciplinary parenteral nutrition round
Fiona Rezannah
Advanced scope of practice social work: A model of care for paediatric and maternity trauma at Sunshine Hospital
Nicole Lind
Creating workforce agility: Right task, right worker
Kathleen Philip
1245-1300 Increasing allied health research output – leading a strategy
Lyndell Keating
Allied health collaboratives facilitate accelerated implementation of expanded scope models of care
Liza-Jane McBride
Supporting health professionals emotional reactions to grief and loss
Anthea Udovicich
tASK app to support delegation to allied health assistants
Annette Davis, Anton Glagovski
A new model of care – a study proposal for the implementation and evaluation of the Allied Health Interdisciplinary Practitioner (AHIP)
Nicholas Ternes
Key elements of effective supervision for physiotherapists
Fiona Brennan
Supervision skills training – outcomes from a state-wide program in Victoria
Emma Scott
1300-1400 Lunch & Poster viewing | Exhibition Hall
Concurrent Session 2
Room CCH 1 CCH 2 CCH 3 M11 M12 M13 M14
Theme Track Heads up: The evidence for allied health roles of the future Professional development front and centre Advancing extended scope of practice Rural health innovations Allied health careers & student/ graduate projects Research & quality improvement projects High performing teams: Utilising allied health assistants
Chairs Michele Smith-Tamaray
Kathleen Philip
Jackie Martin-Kerry
Bill Suen
Marg Sherburn
Susan Nancarrow
Helen McBurney
Petra Bovery-Spencer
Kerry May
Olivia Rofe
Peter Nuttman
Neville Turner
Annette Davis
Leah Wiseman
1400-1415 Effectiveness of weekend allied health services on acute medical/surgical wards: Two randomised controlled trials
Prof Terry Haines
Stepping into research: An Allied Health research training scheme
Prof Nick Taylor
Mixed methods evaluation of a comprehensive osteoarthritis hip and knee service: Patient, clinician and administrative perspectives
Bernarda Cavka
A shift in focus from rural workforce to service provision
Dr Robyn Adams
Bonded schemes: What do allied students think?
Ruth McLeod
Hospital Inpatient versus Home-based rehabilitation after knee arthroplasty (the HIHO study): Preliminary results of a randomised controlled trial
Mark Buhagiar
Speech Pathology Occupational Therapy (SPOT) Allied Health assistant: A patient flow initiative
Brooke Cowie
1415-1430 A private, multidisciplinary, interstate, rural and remote Allied Health organisation: How do they manage?
Melissa Johnstone
1430-1435 5 minute transition time
1435-1450 The Barwon Health Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Physiotherapy Clinic – advanced practice physiotherapy in the Department of Oral Health. A pilot project
Kara Hanson
Changing our ways: Developing an advanced practice role for dietitians
Belinda Steer
Advanced practice mapping and prioritisation tool
Sam Sevenhuysen
Rural remote generalist clinical requirements of allied health professions in Northern Australia
Renae Moore, Ilsa Nielsen
Allied health clinical training patterns in Victoria
Sam Green
A Podiatry service for homeless people: an audit of an assertive outreach podiatry service
Leanna Helquirst
Extended scope models of allied health assistant practice & the impact of organisational culture
Sharon Downie
1450-1505 The effect of increasing audiology services for patients referred to an ENT Department
Lee Kethel
Development, implementation and evaluation of clinical supervision e-learning courses: A South Australian experience
Kate Osborn
The wait is over: Early health care delivery for acquired hand conditions
Zoe Milner, Susie Ellis, Kelly Briody, Fiona Moate
The evolution of a rural team – advancing individuals and our service utilising rural development positions
Lisa Baker, Amy Gray, Rachel Pennisi
Can a culture change make aged care a more attractive rotation for junior physiotherapy staff?
Jacqueline Kay
Health services research in a tertiary hospital setting: Can Allied Health clinicians adhere to the protocol to ensure research fidelity
Dr Kelly-Ann Bowles
An innovative approach to the implementation of training and development for Allied Health Assistants in the South Island of New Zealand
Randa Abbasi, Catherine Coups
1505-1510 5 minute transition time
1510-1525 With an eye to the future: Working together for a more comprehensive holistic service
Jonathon Jackson
Evaluating occupational therapist’s views and perceptions of professional self-care
Courtney Apostol
Untapping the potential of advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapy
Paula Harding
Allied Health front and centre in a regional critical care unit – a case study
Dr Brooke Winzer, Sally Wilson
Using the Calderdale Framework to safely enhance the development of efficient and patient centred clinical education models
Linda Furness
The business end of service delivery: Challenges of moving toward a fee for service therapy model
Rebekah Cranmer, Janelle Johanson
Changing Roles for Dietetic Allied Health Assistants – 2011 vs 2015
Denise Cruickshank
1525-1540 Early intervention for lymphoedema – changing allied health practice through education
Sue Steele-Smith
Screen time: Physiotherapist-led orthopaedic lower limb screening clinic
David O’Keeffe
Facilitating allied health lymphoedema services using distance education, coaching and technology in rural and remote areas of Queensland
Fiona Hall
Assessing student and supervisor satisfaction of Clinical Nutrition placements
Lauren Grundy
Evidence-based clinical assessment – evaluating, selecting and using clinical assessments in paediatric occupational therapy: An organisational approach to quality, translation and implementation
Dr Bess Fowler
Knowledge, experience and training needs for independent allied health assistant practice
Jacqueline Salway
1540-1610 Afternoon Tea & Poster viewing | Exhibition Hall
Plenary Session | Conference Hall | Julie Hulcombe,Chief Allied Health Advisor (Queensland); Chair of National Allied Health Advisory Council
1610-1615 Chair introduction
1615-1700 Plenary Speaker: Mark McCrindle, Social researcher/demographer/trends analyst, McCrindle Research
Changing times, transitioning communities: Understanding the megatrends transforming the future of Allied Health Mark is an award-winning social researcher, best-selling author, and influential thought leader, and is regularly commissioned to deliver strategy and advice to the boards and executive committees of some of Australia’s leading organisations.
Dress for dinner
1830 Conference Dinner featuring HESTA Primary Healthcare Awards | Plaza Ballroom, 191 Collins St (guests to make their own way)
Wednesday 11 November 2015
0700-1715 Conference Registration Open | Ground Level (outside Exhibition Hall)
0700-1500 Speaker’s Preparation Room Open | Level 1 PCO Suite
Concurrent Session 3
Room CCH 1 CCH 2 CCH 3 M11 M12 M13 M14
Theme Track Big ideas: Future vision for allied health Healthcare – the right patient, place & cost Preparing a new generation Advanced technology & future applications in health & practice Collaborative health & practice New horizons for models of care Better care through audit & research
Chairs David Meade
Terry Haines
Nicole Turner
Debbie Schulz
Stephen Duns
Helen McBurney
Pazit Levinger
Elizabeth Skinner
Jacinta Russell Kelly-Ann Bowles Jackie Martin-Kerry
Mathew Jenkins
0840-0910 Reducing cancer malnutrition through collaboration: Phase II state-wide malnutrition projects in Victorian cancer services
Jenelle Loeliger, Dr Nicole Kiss
Are physiotherapy screening clinics cost effective in addressing unmet demand in orthopaedic outpatients?
Maree Raymer
Minimum standards of clinical practice for physiotherapists working in Australian and New Zealand critical care settings: A modified Delphi technique
Dr Elizabeth Skinner
The hand hub: Using technology for upper limb rehabilitation
Marlena Klaic
A multidisciplinary approach to assessment in disorders of consciousness
Claire Collins, Robert Thorniley
Specific Timely Appointments for Triage (STAT) Reduced waiting lists in an outpatient physiotherapy service
Dr Katherine Harding
Not enough time for research? The use of a supported short-term clinical backfill initiative in promoting local research capacity of allied health professionals
Dr Rachel Wenke
0910-0925 HeLP – a partnership between social workers and lawyers, improving patient outcomes and health
Bridget Wall
Missing Voices: Aboriginal stories of stroke and traumatic brain injury
Meaghan McAllister
Indicators for effective oncology social work practice: an international audit
A/Prof Christa Fouche
Preparing for medical imaging – there’s an app for that!
Siobhan Greene
Implementation of a Joint Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physiotherapy (PT) Upper Limb (UL) Assessment Form for Neurological Clients Treated in the Community Setting
Trinh Vo, Josie Weightman
Food for thought: A novel psychological and non-dieting approach to weight management
Georgia Rossetto
Improving documentation and coding of malnutrition – a five year journey
Natalie Simmance
0925-0930 5 minute transition time
0930-0945 Gaps in support services for people with chronic post-stroke aphasia- suggested solutions
A/Prof Miranda Rose
Closing the gap – system redesigning to ensure all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients are supported in their journey with Peninsula Health
Craig Wotherspoon
Psychology staffing in Australian metropolitan acute public hospitals
Kathryn Collins, Anne Burke
Addressing antibiotic resistance in regional Victoria using telecommunication consultation
Neeva Maskey
Sensory based interventions: Allied health leadership and clinical expertise guided organisational inter-disciplinary practice and promoted allied health discipline specific skills
Heather Davey, Elizabeth Scutt
Validation of clinical task instructions (competencies) to support expanded scope and delegation practice
Ilsa Nielsen, A/Prof Alison Pighills
A systematic review of core stability training for ambulant people with Multiple Sclerosis
Priya Rangarajan
0945-1000 Diversity of thinking to elicit culture change within subacute care
Lauren Pennisi
A blueprint for equity – the Western NSW Local Health District allied health resource
Angela Firth
How to keep staff motivated, engaged and moving up the career ladder: Can Step Up help?
Amy Haantjens
Using innovative 3D scanner technology to improve the supply of customised footwear to clients in country South Australia
Fiona Murray, Claire Easterbrook
Driving from the start – collaborative learning and practice in a new hospital
Sue Alexander
Feed not fast: Improving patient satisfaction and outcomes with a change in dietetic model of care
Sally Courtice
Study of allied health EBP capacity – a re-assessment of self-efficacy, outcome-expectancy in, and use of EBP
Dr Shelley Wilkinson
1000-1005 5 minute transition time
1005-1020 Live music to promote patient, visitor and staff wellbeing in an adult oncology hospital
Anneliis Way
Be deadly, get healthy – An opportunity for exercise in the Aboriginal community
Kristy Dougheney
Grade two occupational therapy rotations: Service delivery impact and clinician perspectives
Anna Joy
Optimising multidisciplinary triage of head and neck cancer patients and their carers during chemoradiotherapy using technology: the ‘ScreenIT’ system
Laurelie Wall
Social work and interdisciplinary practice: Evidence from a multi-site audit
Glenda Kerridge
Back to BAC: Lessons learnt from developing, implementing and evaluating a novel, collaborative, physiotherapy-led multidisciplinary Back pain Assessment Clinic (BAC) in primary care
Uyen Phan
HIP4Hips: High intensity physiotherapy following hip fracture surgery is safe and effective in reducing hospital length of stay
Lara Kimmel
1020-1035 ‘The customer is always right’ – The lived experience of community project implementation
David Towl, Fiona Mckinnon
Allied Health specialist outpatient clinics: Using data to ensure survival
Michelle Stute
How much Allied Health is enough-using clinical care ratios for workforce planning and workload monitoring for allied health professionals
Cherie Hearn
Designing technology for Allied Health assessments of patients from CALD backgrounds
Courtney Pocock
Delivering advance care planning at residential aged care facilities – the right care at the right place, at the right time
Pamela deKlerk
Allied Health general medicine model of care project
Elizabeth Batchelor
An investigation into student contribution to physiotherapy clinical services within Queensland Health
Kassie Shardlow, Mark Gooding
1035-1105 Morning Tea & Poster viewing | Exhibition Hall
Plenary Sessions | Conference Hall | Vittorio Cintio, Chief Allied Health Officer (New South Wales), Workforce Planning & Development
1105-1110 Welcome & housekeeping
1110-1155 Keynote Speaker: Kym Peake, Acting Secretary, Department Health and Human Services
Allied Health: The broader context 
Kym Peake commenced as Acting Secretary of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services in September 2015.  Kym’s substantive position is that of Deputy Secretary, Governance Policy and Coordination in the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet.
1155-1245 Keynote Speaker: Jason Clarke, Minds at Work
Step back, step up Since 2000, Jason has been a Director of Minds at Work, a commercial collective of autonomous thinkers and problem solvers dedicated to supporting anyone interested in Making Things Better.
1245-1345 Lunch & Poster viewing | Exhibition Hall
Poster Presentations (3 minutes + 2 minutes questions) | M11
Chairs: Marg Sherburn, Jacinta Russell
1300-1305 Evaluation of the ‘Enhancing the role of the Nutrition Assistant at Dandenong Hospital’ Project
Teresa Orsini
1305-1310 Providing shared client care across organisations: Tools to implement the AHA Supervision and Delegation Framework 
Deborah Kay
1310-1315 Developing the role of Speech Pathology in palliative & supportive care
Thomas Gauci
1315-1320 Developing the validated Foot-Care Abilities Questionnaire (F-CAQ), using quality improvement outcomes
Tina Loxley
1320-1325 Does eating environment have an effect on the intake in the elderly
Aurora Ottaway
1325-1330 Use of a decision support software (Guidance MS) to guide prescribing of new oral anticoagulants (NOAC)
Vinod Chellaram
Concurrent Session 4
Room CCH 1 CCH 2 CCH 3 M11 M12 M13 M14
Theme Track Working beyond the normal expectations – Allied Health Allied health marketing & profile Innovation, quality improvements, research…& more Innovations in delivery of care Education & academics in allied health Prescribing in allied health Preparing the next generation of health care professionals
Chairs Kathleen Philip
Peter Nuttman
Debbie Schulz
Rosalie Boyce
Elizabeth Skinner
Kerry May
Helen McBurney
Michele Smith-Tamaray
Petra Bovery-Spencer
David Meade
Olivia Rofe
Genevieve Napper
Catherine Stephens
Kelly-Ann Bowles
1345-1415 Bridging allied health roles for better patient outcomes. An authorising mechanism to enable practitioners to reach and practice across clinical domains
Brenda Wraight
The ‘true’ value of Allied Health
Natasha Toohey
Evaluating radiation therapy care coordination at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) – how prepared are patients for radiation planning and treatment?
Kathryn Vidler
Improving patient access: Outcomes from an Allied Health Cancer Care Redesign Project
Dr Desley Harvey, Ilsa Nielson
Emotional intelligence: A critical competency for therapy students undertaking clinical placements
Nigel Gribble
Australia’s first Allied Health prescribing program – exploring participants’ perspective on the study program’s learning objectives
Josephine Martelli, Marea Patounas
Developing collaborative partnerships between hospital and local gym facilities to successfully facilitate long-term self-management
Lauren Farrugia
1415-1430 Development of a credentialing package to support the introduction of advanced practice hand therapy roles
Nicole Byrne, Elizabeth Witherow
Allied Health: Front and centre in social media?
Julia-Anne Ross
The resource allocation decision tool (ReAD-iT): Development of items for a web-based instrument to aid evidence-based resource allocation in health care
Tamica Sturgess
Paediatric outpatient models of care – advanced Health Practitioner
Julie Creen, Kellee Gee
The Interprofessional Learning Outcomes Scale (IpLOS): An alternative instrument for measuring outcomes of interprofessional education
Matthew Oates
Review of the prescribing capability of speech pathologists, dietitians and psychologists
Karen Bettenay
Development of an Allied Health rural generalist pathway
Vanessa Burge
1430-1435 5 minute transition time
1435-1450 Supporting person-centred decision making: Application for service provision and resource allocation
Dr Rachel Schmidt
Defining Allied Health: Through multi-level engagement
Prof Sharon Mickan
The sticker sticks for malnutrition identification and coding
Jenna Stonestreet
Analysis of the effect of changes to Speech Pathology service delivery methods on stroke client’s outcomes using AusTOMs: exploring the challenges
Lauren Ranalli
A mixed methods research approach to the review of competency standards for orthotist/prosthetists in Australia
Leigh Clarke
Assessment of prescribing in health (the ASPRINH Project): how should we ensure health professionals are prescribe-ready?
Lynda Cardiff
Harnessing employee engagement in an Allied Health department: Moving from a culture of blame to a culture of success
Amy Bach
1450-1505 Hand therapy led clinics – first point of contact management following hand surgery
Stephanie Tawse
The design, implementation and evaluation of a new clinical governance framework for an Allied Health directorate
Kate Roberts
Early commencement of therapy in the acute phase following elective lower limb arthroplasty produces favourable outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Romi Haas
Establishment, implementation and sustainability of the Western Health Allied Health and Community Services Clinical Governance Framework
Claire Moody
1505-1520 Acceptance of Primary Contact Physiotherapy by ED staff – results of a qualitative study
Stephen Gill
Contemporary Allied Health practice – lessons from IKEA
Bronwyn Venning
Music-assisted relaxation during transition to non-invasive ventilation in people with motor neuron disease
Eleanor Bajo, Rebecca Davies
Evaluation of a pilot project to increase access to Allied Health services in four rural communities in South West Victoria
Lyndall McNeil
Building capacity of Allied Health professionals to care for the dying: Achievements and lessons from the Palliative Care Curriculum for Undergraduates project
Kylie Ash
Partnered medication charting model: Clinical pharmacist and medical officer in the Emergency Short Stay and General Medicine Unit
Erica Tong
The real cost of training health professionals in Victoria
Claire Marsh
1520-1545 Afternoon Tea & Poster viewing | Exhibition Hall
Closing Plenary | Conference Hall | Kathleen Philip, Chief Allied Health Advisor (Victoria)
1545-1645 Plenary Panel: Allied Health: Front and centre in a changing health paradigm?
Mark Cormack, Debra Kay, Dale Fisher, Professor Mary Lovegrove, Jonathan Jackson
Panel Chair: Marcus Dripps, National President of the Australian Physiotherapy Association
1645-1705 Awards & Prizes
1705-1710 Conference Handover
1710-1715 Conference Close
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