Preparing your ePoster

Why present a ePoster?

There are several advantages to presenting a poster:

  • Posters can be viewed at any time. You ePoster will be displayed on screens throughout the conference and they will also be able to be viewed prior to conference and after the conference through the conference app.
  • Viewers can “absorb” the presentation in their own time/way
  • You can discuss your research at length with viewers on a one-to-one basis—and receive detailed feedback
  • Presenting your research as a Poster is a wonderful opportunity to “network.” A poster serves to explain your research succinctly to colleagues within your own discipline and other related areas.

What is a ePoster?

An ePoster is a visual medium that you use to communicate a key idea related to your research: It presents that idea in verbal and graphic ways. Unlike an oral presentation, a poster does (most) of your talking—it should stand on its own, be self-explanatory (even as it enables conversations with viewers).


Electronic posters (ePosters) will be displayed for the duration of the conference on large monitors in the exhibition and catering area.

Please use the template provided to prepare your poster; all posters will have the banner graphic and control bar.

We recommend using the font Verdana, size 11.

The layout is also at your discretion, however, brevity and clarity are the essence of a good ePoster. The aim of the electronic poster is to display your project or idea in a concise form, enabling delegates to grasp the essentials of the subject in a short time frame.

It is critical you check your ePoster on a computer other than the one you use to create the ePoster. This allows you to check any photos, audio or videos are embedded correctly and the layout and fonts transfer as you want.

We will not be editing your ePoster but will check for any obvious issues. If we spot anything that clearly doesn’t look correct we will ask you to check your ePoster.

Your saved PowerPoint file must have the .ppt or .pptx suffix.
Your ePoster should be less than 20MB.

ePoster submission due Friday 5 July 2019

Please use the template and instructions below to prepare your e-Poster slide.  Ensure your submission is named with the conference name and the last and first name of the first (submitting) author: NAHC2019_Lastname_Firstname