Pre-Conference Workshops

Monday 5th August 2019

Venue: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Queensland (NAHC venue)

Pre-Conference workshops will be held at the conference venue Monday 5th August.  These workshops are an additional cost to attend and can be booked during the registration process.  Each workshop has a limited number of participants that can attend and bookings will be taken in a first come, first served basis.

The workshops will run concurrently during the morning and afternoon sessions.

The cost of the workshops will be $175 each or $300 for two if you attend a morning and an afternoon workshop.

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Workshop 1

IAHA’s Cultural Responsiveness Approach: Realising, recognising and relating the value of culturally safe and responsive practice with Indigenous peoples

Workshop 2

Allied Health – Selling our value

Workshop 3

An inter-disciplinary approach to #last1000days and #endPjparalysis, designing a framework for success

Workshop 4

Realising the Allied Health Rural Generalist Pathway: Practical implementation approaches for success
  • Facilitators: IAHA Representative: Kylie Stothers
  • Time: 0900-1230
  • Venue: Plaza Level, BCEC

Learning Objectives:

  • Engage in discussion and activities to build your cultural capabilities in working more effectively with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples;
  • Engage in self-reflection about attitudes, beliefs and values and the impact on others;
  • Explore ways of knowing, being and doing that will enhance ability to be culturally responsive.

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  • Facilitators: Michelle Stute & Rachel Phillips
  • Speakers: Peter Buttrum – Executive Director Allied Health Professions Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Queensland, Steve Williamson – Chief Executive, Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service, Nick Steele – Deputy Director General, Healthcare Purchasing and System Performance Division Department of Health, Carolyn Wharton – Consumer, Donna and Freya Toussaint – Consumers
  • Time: 0900-1230
  • Venue: Plaza Level, BCEC

Purposes of the workshop:

  1. To gain insights on the value of allied health from the perspective of a consumer, a Director of Allied Health, a Chief Executive HHS, and the Deputy Director General Healthcare Purchasing and System Performance Division DoH, who will respond to the questions:
  • Where and how does allied health provide value (that is, value based health care as well as services that are valued by the facility/service/system), and,
  • How do we measure, demonstrate and promote that value?
  1. Develop practical solutions to common situations such as where the value of an allied health service is ambiguous or not well demonstrated.

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  • Facilitator: Dr Ian Sturgess, Tiffany Spurway, Martin Freeman, Francis Health, UK
  • Time: 0900-1230
  • Venue: Plaza Level, BCEC

How Allied Health professionals can work towards:

  1.  Identification of at risk patients
  2.  Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
  3.  Case management planning with effective goals
  4.  Avoiding ‘over-polishing’

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  • Facilitators: AHRGP Project Governance Group
  • Time: 0900-1230
  • Venue: Plaza Level, BCEC

This workshop will offer a practical roadmap for embedding the allied health rural generalist pathway at both a systems and local level with a view to realising the benefits of enhanced multidisciplinary practice.

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Workshop 5

Allied Health Clinical Education Symposium

Workshop 6

Allied Health Digital Transformation

Workshop 7

The First 1000 days
  • Facilitators: Professor Esther May (UniSA and ACDHS Chair)
  • Time: 1330-1630
  • Venue: Plaza Level, BCEC

The Symposium will commence with a series of short presentations on topical issues in clinical education drawn from both providers of clinical education placements and from universities.

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  • Facilitator: National Allied Health Digital Information Network
  • Time: 1330-1630
  • Venue: Plaza Level, BCEC

This workshop will feature short presentations covering the broad range of developments in allied health digital transformation across Australia, including national data standards, health informatics and the My Health Record.

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  • Facilitators: Jackie Bennett & Anne Taylor
  • Time: 1330-1630
  • Venue: Plaza Level, BCEC

The workshop will include the following elements:

  • Introduction to the First 1000 Days that reinforces the values and principles of the First 1000 Days Australia movement
  • How we Implemented  First 1000 Days through a cultural lens; implementation perspectives in Queensland across two sites.
  • Share our experience of the way we have seen community workers interact with families.

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Leadership in Action Workshop

Workshop Speakers

    • Catherine Turnbull, SA Chief Allied and Scientific Health Officer
    • Sue Sampson, Director, Transform Consulting
      Stepping into advocacy: preparing yourself and your message for success
    • Dr Anthony Davidson, School of Business, UQ
      Marketing your service – how to collaborate and co-create value to effectively position your service, team and profession
    • Dr Diane Harner, Managing Director of CleverMinds Consulting


  • Date: Thursday 8th August 2019
  • Time: 0900-1300
  • Venue: M3, Mezzanine Level, BCEC (NAHC Venue)

This workshop will describe the current allied health leadership context in Australia, the challenges, opportunities and areas of focus in the years ahead. Practical tips on allied health advocacy and leadership resilience in the changing complex healthcare environment will be workshopped by key experts in the field. The session will conclude with an opportunity for discussion between workshop participants and industry leaders.

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This workshop is at an additional cost to attend and can be booked during the registration process.  There are limited spaces available and bookings will be taken in a first come, first served basis.

If you have already registered for the conference and wish to attend, please email 

The cost of the workshop will be $175 to attend.

Please click the link below to register.