Workshop: How to Run an Evidence-Based Structured Journal Club to Optimise Clinical Practice

A selection of pre-conference workshops will be held through the 2021 NAHC Online Platform on Monday 9th August. 

Workshops are an additional expense and are open to both conference delegates and non-conference delegates.

Places are limited and bookings will be taken on a first come – first served basis.

How to run an evidence-based structured journal club to optimise clinical practice

Workshop Presenters: Dr Rachel Wenke, Professor Sharon Mickan

Date: Monday 9 August

Time: 1500 – 1630

Journal clubs are a widely used tool to promote evidence-based practice (EBP) in allied health, however how they are conducted is not always based on what research and theory recommend. The following workshop will be designed for clinicians and managers who are either wanting to start a journal club in their clinical area or enhance an existing journal club(s). The workshop will present an evidence informed journal club format that can be tailored to address unique contexts of clinicians in order to address important clinical questions. Practical strategies of how to run the journal club format will also be discussed.

Dr Rachel Wenke

Dr Rachel Wenke is a Principal Research Fellow for Allied Health Services at Gold Coast Health where she has co-designed, implemented and evaluated a number of innovative initiatives to build research capacity for allied health professionals including the TREAT journal club format. Rachel also works as a Senior Speech Pathologist in the area of rehabilitation alongside her research role and has a passion for helping clinicians answer clinically important research questions whilst building their confidence and skills in research. Rachel has mentored over 30 clinicians undertake research projects in multiple areas including management of adult communication and swallowing disorders and innovative models of care to enhance patient and service outcomes.

Prof. Sharon Mickan

Professor Sharon Mickan is the inaugural head for the Healthcare Innovation program at Bond University which is designed to support health professionals to navigate the research evidence, critically evaluate health systems and practices and implement clinical improvements. She has a wealth of experience in knowledge translation, implementing organisational improvement and building clinicians’ research capacity and engagement demonstrated by her success in building a positive research culture within Gold Coast Health as a conjoint Professor with Griffith University. Sharon has designed, implemented and evaluated multiple research capacity building initiatives, including allied health research fellows, knowledge brokering strategies, evidence-informed journal clubs and clinical backfill grants.

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