Workshop: Allied Health Leadership – Building the Narrative

A selection of pre-conference workshops will be held through the 2021 NAHC Online Platform on Monday 9th August. 

Workshops are an additional expense and are open to both conference delegates and non-conference delegates.

Places are limited and bookings will be taken on a first come – first served basis.

Allied Health Leadership – Building the Narrative

Workshop Presenters: Luke Hockley, Cath Maloney, Donna Markham

Date: Monday 9 August

Time: 1000 – 12000


Members of the Australian Allied Health Leadership Forum (AAHLF) have been collaborating on a nationally agreed story about the value of allied health, including arriving at a definition that assists AHPs to communicate effectively with peers, colleagues, funders and policymakers.  This workshop provides participants with the opportunity to have input to the development of the narrative.

The key objectives of the workshop at the conference are to:

  • Provide feedback to members on the results to date of the survey testing the definitions currently under consideration
  • Develop the AAHLF Narrative to support better access to AH services
  • Explore opportunities to develop innovative, integrated allied health services through promoting the value of allied health to decision makers

Participants will:

  • Find out what has been discussed to date, including survey results
  • Have input to the process of building the narrative
  • Discuss the value of an agreed national story

As a result of this workshop, participants will develop the tools to have greater influence with their peers and colleagues to better communicate the value of allied health.

Luke Hockley

Director of Midnightsky

Luke is a facilitator, strategy consultant, narrative consultant and communication coach. Twelve years ago he founded Midnightsky. Luke has three key skills; he finds and helps groups solve the real problem, he makes difficult things easy to understand, and he tells a great story. His unique combination of curiosity, insight, people skills, group facilitation, forward thinking, strategic problem solving, passion, compassion and storytelling is a result of his diverse life experience. Luke has advised and positioned organisations both large and small including Alfred Health, Austin Health, the Victorian Department of Health, Northern Health, Orbost Regional Health and Bendigo Health.

Cath Maloney


Cath has a background in physiotherapy with over 25 years of clinical experience prior to moving into health service management roles. Cath has worked in public sector, private and non-government settings including running her own practice, delivering allied health services across central and southern NSW. Cath completed a Master of Science in Medicine (Pain Management), is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) and Women and Leadership Australia. Over the past 12 years Cath has held leadership and management positions in state and Commonwealth government and with a remote Aboriginal Community-Controlled organisation, and served 6 years on the Board of a rurally-based Primary Health Network. Cath is now the CEO of SARRAH, a role she has held since April 2019.

Donna Markham

Chief Allied Health Officer, Victoria

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