Workshop: Transform Your Approach to Service Planning (an introduction)

A selection of pre-conference workshops will be held through the 2021 NAHC Online Platform on Monday 9th August. 

Workshops are an additional expense and are open to both conference delegates and non-conference delegates.

Places are limited and bookings will be taken on a first come – first served basis.

Transform Your Approach to Service Planning (an introduction)


Workshop Presenter: Dr Anna Moran, SARRAH

Date: Monday 9 August

Time: 1000 – 1330


Have you got an idea for your allied health service but don’t know where to start? Have you got a new service or model of care that you think could work better but are struggling to conceptualise it? Or perhaps you are planning to re-design parts of your rural allied health service or business but need some help to get started? In this workshop, Dr Anna Moran will share with you what she has learned over her years of research and practice. Anna understands the pressure rural practitioners are under and how they are committed to their community but sometimes just need the right place to start.

Workshop Aim: Participants will learn how to apply a logic model approach to work through complex service delivery problems.

Learning objectives
By the completion of this workshop participants will:

  • Understand the key components of a logic model approach and why this should be used to work through complex problems
  • Be able to breakdown the key drivers to enable service delivery change in their context
  • Be able to outline the mechanisms for success in their context
  • Produce a draft logic model statement for their service delivery issue

Course Structure

This 3.5 -hour course will take the form of;

  • A 2-hour presentation by Dr Anna Moran, providing an overview of program logic with a focus on drivers and mechanisms.
  • A 1.5 hour workshop, where participants will work in small groups to develop their problem statement and complete a program logic model (driver-problem-solutionoutcome) statement

Before the workshop participants will be provided with pre-reading material and will complete an exercise to assist them identify a suitable service issue to work through. Participants must come to the workshop prepared with a service delivery issue to work through. By the end of the workshop, participants will have completed a program logic statement to support their service delivery issue.

Dr Anna Moran

Dr Anna Moran is a health services researcher with 17 years’ international experience (UK and Australia) examining health workforce reform, service delivery and organisation, the allied health workforce, regional and rural health, new models of care and research capacity building. Anna’s doctoral and early postdoctoral research examined the role, function and impact of allied health assistants on patient, staff and service outcomes.

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