Pre-Conference Workshops

A selection of pre-conference workshops will be held through the 2021 NAHC Online Platform on Monday 9th August. 

Workshops are an additional expense and are open to both conference delegates and non-conference delegates.  Places are limited and bookings will be taken on a first come – first served basis. 

Workshop Participant Fee is $60 ($30 for full-time students)

commencing 10am AEST
How to increase allied health research engagement at an individual, team and organisational level

Date: Monday 9 August 2021
Time: 1000 – 1200 (AEST)
Facilitators: Dr Rachel Wenke, Professor Sharon Mickan, Dr Kelly Weir

This workshop will provide practical and evidence-based strategies for clinician leaders, managers and researchers who are wishing to increase research engagement themselves, within their teams or services… CLICK HERE to find out more!

Allied Health Leadership – Building the Narrative

Date: Monday 9 August 2021
Time: 1000 – 1200 (AEST)
Facilitators: Luke Hockley, Cath Maloney, Donna Markham

As Allied Health Clinicians we are uniquely positioned to promote our essential role in improving health and wellbeing. As leaders we need to build on the collective ability of allied health to impact change.  To collectively address issues of national importance to allied health practitioners and the Australian public the Australian Allied Health Leadership Forum (AAHLF) has identified the need for development of clear and consistent messaging via a strong narrative… CLICK HERE to find out more!

Transform your approach to service planning (an introduction)

Date: Monday 9 August 2021
Time: 1000 – 1330 (AEST)
Facilitators: SARRAH

Have you got an idea for your allied health service but don’t know where to start? Have you got a new service or model of care that you think could work better but are struggling to conceptualise it? Or perhaps you are planning to re-design parts of your rural allied health service or business but need some help to get started?… CLICK HERE to find out more!

Important: This workshop is 3.5 hours long.  If you attend it you will not be able to attend any workshops in Workshop Session Two.

commencing 12.30pm AEST
End of Life Law for Clinicians

Date: Monday 9 August 2021
Time: 1230 – 1400 (AEST)
Facilitators: Professor Ben White, Professor Lindy Willmott, Ms Penny Neller, Dr Rachel Feeney

Allied health professionals have a significant role in caring for a supporting individuals at the end of their life, and their families. In this context they play important legal roles such as determining whether a person has capacity for medical treatment, decision0 making support a person to undertake Advance Care Planning, or identifying who is a person’s substitute decision-maker… CLICK HERE to find out more!

Therapy assistants: an integral part of the rural disability sector workforce

Date: Monday 9 August 2021
Time: 1230 – 1430 (AEST)
Facilitators: Kim Bulkeley, Genevieve Johnsson, Marlene Eksteen

The rural disability workforce has been a topic of speculation and conversation since the inception of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The current focus on market based service delivery models, grounded in individual funding , raises concerns about the consequences for “thin market” areas such as rural and remote locations. Therapeutic supports are part of the suite of supports required by people with disability in rural and remote areas that have historically been difficult to access and are potentially more vulnerable to market failure… CLICK HERE to find out more!

Using Music with Confidence

Date: Monday 9 August 2021
Time: 1230 – 1430 (AEST)
Facilitator: Dr Jason Kenner

This workshop is designed for allied health professionals from any discipline who are interested in using pre-recorded music in their work.  A simple framework will be presented that provides a structure for evaluating music… CLICK HERE to find out more!

commencing 3pm AEST
Value and impact in allied health services: how do we articulate and evidence our worth?

Date: Monday 9 August 2021
Time: 1500 – 1800 (AEST)
Facilitators: Professor Susan Hillier, Jo Nolan

Allied health professionals provide clinical services to varied populations under varied service models. Our interventions are often more behavioural and systems targeted, and therefore patient or client-level outcomes are not always the same as the more routinely collected medical-model outcomes of morbidity and mortality… CLICK HERE to find out more!

Allied Health in 2030: what are the challenges we face and what is on our research agenda to best prepare?

Date: Monday 9 August 2021
Time: 1500 – 1730 (AEST)
Facilitator: Professor Andrew Baillie

Allied health will be challenged over the next decade. Inequality; climate change; technology; consumer centred/integrated care; increasing pressure on health budgets; fake news, political instability and decreasing trust in science; epidemics; the health workforce; and the marketing of unhealthy products are all issues that may impact on Allied Health over the next decade. How can we prepare?… CLICK HERE to find out more!

How to run an evidence-based structured journal club to optimise clinical practice

Date: Monday 9 August 2021
Time: 1500 – 1630 (AEST)
Facilitators: Dr Rachel Wenke, Professor Sharon Mickan

Journal clubs are a widely used tool to promote evidence-based practice (EBP) in allied health, however how they are conducted is not always based on what research and theory recommend… CLICK HERE to find out more!

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